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Yes, BootSkootz works with all your boots! 

Using a standard screwdriver:
Easily adjust to fit your smallest booty or your biggest kickers! 
Quickly coordinate with any boot to match every outfit!
 Build your own custom combinations! 

    With BootSkootz patented features, the creative possibilities are endless!

     To Create BootBelt:
    Select Buckle Set 3 pcs:  Buckle - Belt Keeper – Tip.
    Select Snap-On Belt Strap


    Add Snap-on belt strap to buckle set by placing buckle pin thru pin hole on belt strap between the snap closures. Snap the 1st snap. Place belt keeper in between 1st & 2nd set of snaps and Snap closed.

    Use thumb to turn screw to attach to the buckle tip.


    Unscrew and Move belt screw to adjust length of belt strap for longer or shorter.

    For Concho Design Belt Strap - Attach 5 Screw-On Conchos to the 5 holes.

    Tighten beltstrap screw to set at angle.

    Place angle at boot heel and wrap BootBelt around the boot with tip pointing to back of boot.  Buckle up!

    Press BootBelt down to Hug boot heel to help Stay in place and not turn when walking.

    Add Charm to keeper for added customizing.

    After use, Re-tighten belt screw on beltstrap and Use thumb to re-tighten screw on Buckle Tip

    Mix & Match with other buckle sets & belt straps