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FAQs - Questions asked by our BootSkootz customers.

 Do I buy one or two jeweled belts for my boots?

It is your preference.   Many wear a bootbelt on only one boot…like a bracelet.  And others wear two as an embellishment on their boots.

How are these bootbelts worn?

The belt strap and buckle set are assembled and attached to your boot like a belt.   The two piece belt strap is tightened at an angle to fit snugly in the boot heel area.  Visit Instructions for Use page 

What color belt strap should I buy?

It is your preference.   You can try to match your boot leather color or get a contrasting color.    Another option is to match the stitching of your boots.  You can buy multiple belt straps and mix them up for different days - different outfits

 Are these jeweled belts only for western boots?  

No, although these jeweled belts have a western flair, they can be worn on all style boots such as moto and fashion boots & booties.   Attaching a buckle set such as the Crystal Vines, Angel Wings or Skull Face styles, would change the look.

Will they fit on all boots?

BootSkootz jeweled belts will fit on most boots.    The two piece belt strap has 5 holes for length adjustment.

Can I buy extra belt straps or buckle sets?

Yes, the snap-on belt straps and removable buckle sets are made to mix and match.   10.  

How many buckle styles are available?

There are 5 styles at this time.   The Rhinestone Border and Crystal Vines styles have various rhinestone colors.   The Western Rope, Angel Wings and SkullFace has clear or plain metal colors.  Sign up for notifications as we will create new designs.

Can I request a custom design for my group?

There would be a minimum number to be ordered but we can work together to create a special buckle set design or clip on charm.  Please email to discuss.

Where are are these items made?

Parts of the bootbelts are made in China, Taiwan and USA.  Assembled in the USA.   Pre-Covid purchases

Can I purchase BootSkootz jeweled belts in stores?

 Currently they are not in stores or other websites.   They are uniquely created.    Please be on the lookout in stores in the coming months.

What are the concho designed belt straps?

The concho designed belt straps have 5 holes as placeholders for the screw-back conchos available on this website.    Another fabulous way to personalize your bootbelt for your style and taste.     The screw-back conchos come in a set of 5 and in a variety of styles and colors.

What are the Shipping and Returns Policies?

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