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Wine Spirit Combo

Wine Spirit Combo

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This combo pairs our Maroon with clear rhinestones snap-on belt strap with our pretty Angel Wings buckle.

This BootBelt has a patent pending two piece design that is connected with a logo screw-back concho.  It is made to be worn with short and long piece connected at an angle which allows the bootbelt to hug the heel of boot.

BootSkootz Belt Straps and Buckle Sets are made to Mix & Match for personalized looks.

Snap-on Belt Strap

  • 15/16th inch wide
  • 2mm metal bead edging
  • Snake imprinted high quality PU leather / Genuine leather backing
  • 9mm clear or colored rhinestones
  • Patent pending two piece design – connected with logo screw-back concho.
  • Length adjustment – 5 holes. Move the logo concho for adjustment
  • Multi directional - allows flexibility between left and right boot

 Crystal Vines Buckle Set

  • Three pieces – buckle, belt keeper and tip
  • Patent pending buckle accessory system
  • Belt keeper has open sides to clip charms if desired. [Look for BootSkootz clip charms in the future]
  • Belt Tip fits pointed end of the belt strap.  Large thumb screw holds tip in place as the stem goes through hole in belt strap for added security
  • Thumb screw has tabbed surface to make it easy to change buckle set to another belt strap.